Remodeling Projects During the COVID-19 Outbreak

What we can do to help!

First we want to thank you for supporting small businesses as we work through the challenges of COVID-19 together. We understand the uncertainty of this situation and how many of us are putting our lives on hold for the safety of our families and our community.

When this is over, we will all have to work together to bring everything back to normal, in the meantime, we are eager to find creative new ways to provide you with great designs while keeping everyone safe and minimizing any impacts from this virus.

Get a Head Start On Getting Back To Normal

If you are planning a project for late summer or early fall now is a good time to get a head start while planning from the comfort of your own home.  Appointments that are delayed will fill up our calendar.  We expect it will be a busy time, but if you get started with our virtual meetings, you will be considered an established client and will receive priority with scheduling future appointments. When it is all over you will be ahead of the game and ready to move forward.

If you are interested in working with us or would like information on how we are changing the process of our design meetings during the COVID-19 outbreak, please schedule a project inquiry phone call. You can either call us:


Or simply fill out the form and we will reach out to you.