Design in a Day

Exclusive service from Greenbrook Design

Are you tired of how your space looks and want to revamp it? Not ready to tackle the whole house, just one section at a time? Do you wish it could get a quick refresh in one afternoon? Well, now you can with our “Design in a Day” package which will transform your room in just 5 hours. You will collaborate directly with our very own David Walter who has already helped so many of our clients.

Here’s what is included with your package:

Discovery hour (1 hour)

In the first hour, we will discuss a floor plan, style, and colors. This is where we find the best solution for your room and develop a solid game plan.

Retail sourcing (2 hours)

Retail sourcing is a crucial part of our design process during design in a day. Your input on favorite stores and brands would need to be expressed at this time. David will then use the products that are found in retail locations to decorate your space.

Staging & Decorating (2 hours)

Our last and final step to design in a day is to stage and decorate the space we planned. During this time, we will reuse items you would like to keep, along with the sourced items.

That’s all there is to refreshing your space into something fabulous and functional for everyone. The cost of this package is just $500.

Before your meeting David recommends:

  • Having a list of 5 things you don’t want to see in this design/space Ex: dark walls, no gold, the color red
  • Having a list of 5 things that you do want to see in this design/space Ex: a grand light fixture, moody curtains, neutral linens
  • Knowing your style… have your inspiration photos!
  • Having the pieces you want to try to use in the design/space. Remember David is here to update so you can’t use everything!
  • Knowing your purpose of this design. Know what you want to get out of it. Ex: I want this room to look like a serene space with lots of sunlight. The purpose of this room is for my guest to have somewhere to stay when they come in for the holidays.
  • Having a list of 5 stores you usually find your home décor. Your top 5 are preferred.
  • Having the space we are planning ready to go. Walls need to be painted and ready for décor. If a color needs to be obtained by a designer, we can meet prior to our design day for a color consultation.